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Group Class Schedule


Adult - Have a Go

6 pm

Learn the foundations of rhythm and basic movements in both styles of dance

Adult - Beginners

6 pm

Covering and building on from foundation class

Adult - Challenger

7 pm

Covering and building on from the beginner's class.

Adult - Intermediate

8 pm

Building and adding more complex movements


Junior - Tots

4:30 pm

(ages 4-6)

This class is designed to teach movement to music, gross motor skills, coordination and social skills.

Junior - Beginners

4:30 pm

(ages 6 - 8 years and 9 - 15 years)

Learn the foundations, rhythm and basic movements in 3 styles of dance

Junior - Intermediate

5:30 pm

Covering and building 3 styles from the foundation class

Junior - Challenger (ADVANCED)

6:30 pm

Building more complex movements for (competition levels)

Adult Accelerated

7:30 pm

Young to Mature Adults with a range of knowledge and  experience in all styles

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